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Autumn inspiration

We’re going into autumn…. and as we’re doing it… I can feel my creative soul calling from the back of my head…  Calling out to
once again try to make something nice and cozy to decorate the house with, or
to maybe give away as a present…    Maybe
start to make christmas gifts already..!?
handmade… that’s nice… at least to mom’s, aunt’s and grandparents  J

If you have
friends who are a mom, or a dad, she/he is probably also happy to get some
handmade decorations for the childrensroom…So… start making some new pillow covers of old curtains…   paint the old candle-cage…

Make your
partner/husband use his tools, and make you big wooden-letters for decoration….  Buy some new coffee-mugs and display them on
your kitchen-counter…    Or simply just
browse trough your nearest shabby-cihc store to get some tips on what you can
do with things you already have in the garage, or attic

—- and enjoy this dark+windy time of the year inside your home..


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