Take 1 break during work….. get the latest gossip+tips+inspiration

De-stress yourself!


Here are 10 ways to get your heart rate doooown

1 . Get enough sleep!

2. Turn off your mobile from time to time. Be unavailable!

3. Move! Get some exercise! About 2 times pr. week will do it!

4. Eat healthy! Not junk food!

5. Drink less coffee, more water! It will cleanse your body and mind!

6. Give yourself a break! — If you mess up, clean up, and move on!

7. Don’t take it personal! Keep work and private life separate!

8. Seek support… Unload your troubles on your mom, or best friend. (max 1 time pr week!)  😉

9. Meditate, or find relaxation techniques that work for you. Do them whenever possible.

10. Nevermind what you cannot change. Focus on the things you can change for the better.



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