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Gisele preagnant again?

CELEBERT: Gisele Bundchen poserte med Vogue-redaktør Anna Wintour da de to var på åpningen av en kunstutstilling i Boston nylig - og til tross for draperinger på kjolen, klarer ikke supermodellen lenger å skjule at hun er gravid.Here in Boston recently, posing beside Anna Wintour, editor of Vouge magazine. draping on the dress does not cover up the bump…..   🙂

This would be Gisele and Tom’s 2. child together.

Benjamin  , soon to be 2 y old, they have from before…

Brady’s got 1 son from before together with Bridget Moynahan, Jack (4)

Josh & Lindsay

TRENT: Lindsay Lohans nye kjæreste Josh Chunn eier sitt eget fintness-senter i Los Angeles.

Josh Chunn https://twitter.com/JCfitnessLA is Lindsays new boyfriend. The owner of a fitness center in LA…  makes us wonder how healthy he is…  Lindsay just missed a press event for her upcoming movie “Liz & Dick”. And her father is on the lookout for someone to help him make her realize what trouble she’s about to get into if he carries on like before….

Liz & Dick Posterhttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt2375255/

Cool idea!!

What if you had 4 kids…, or maybe only to twins, and they liked to have friends stay over…  Then you would need 4 beds, and if you do not have a mansion, you also might be stressed with how you should fit all the beds into their room, in a fashionable way…  🙂

Well.. at   www.ideastosteal.com I found the answer… and it looks stylish!!!


jessica’s secret

she has been engaged a while now, to eric johnson….  They were planning to get married this late summer…  however, the wedding is held off due to her PREGNANCY!!!!

Butterfly chair!!!!

I want one!!!!

Time is near!

In two months we can really start preparing…  taking boxes off the shelfs, and decorate with new, and old stuff that makes the house glitter with the spirit of christmas!!  Enjoy the pre-time… the post-part of the hollidays are only about cleaning up… sooo….  lets start to plan the making of decorations everyone!!


Oh, the weekend…. <3

My favorite place for saturday lunchtime!!!!


Does the apple fall far from the tree?

Bobbi Kristina – the daughter of  Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown – has posted a video of herself singing Adele’s hit song on Twitter.
What does the kid of pop diva Whintey sounds like?

Well… judge yourself:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xzTEsq-L3gY

Someone in the youtube comments said it sounds like shes holding back. i feel like she probably can do better than this.

Kim can’t wait

Kim Kardashian is soooo looking forward to getting her own….

” OMG –look what crawled into my purse!! “

Mason was playing by my feet at dinner in Bora Bora and crawled into the back of my bag, so I took him over to show Kourt! How funny!?

latest on J+C

From People.com —>    Although the Internet lit up with reports of a budding romance between Cooper, 37, and Lopez, 42, a source tells PEOPLE that the dinner Saturday at the New York restaurant Per Se was all business.

De-stress yourself!


Here are 10 ways to get your heart rate doooown

1 . Get enough sleep!

2. Turn off your mobile from time to time. Be unavailable!

3. Move! Get some exercise! About 2 times pr. week will do it!

4. Eat healthy! Not junk food!

5. Drink less coffee, more water! It will cleanse your body and mind!

6. Give yourself a break! — If you mess up, clean up, and move on!

7. Don’t take it personal! Keep work and private life separate!

8. Seek support… Unload your troubles on your mom, or best friend. (max 1 time pr week!)  😉

9. Meditate, or find relaxation techniques that work for you. Do them whenever possible.

10. Nevermind what you cannot change. Focus on the things you can change for the better.



www.radaronline.com can report that:

Jennifer Aniston’s once-estranged mother (born 22.july 1936)
suffered a stroke over the weekend and the Friends star rushed to the
hospital to be by her side, RadarOnline.com has learned.

Jennifer visited her mom, Nancy Dow, 75, at
the Los Angeles hospital and was accompanied by boyfriend Justin Theroux, who waited outside, reports
the Daily Mail.


Do we have another powercouple on our hands…?

Jennifer Lopez ❤  Bradley Cooper!

Cross your fingers darlings!!! Apperently this picture iis taken at a Tommy Hilfiger show lately….  They arrived there together, and were very flirty 🙂

ROMANTIKK I LUFTEN: Ryktene svirrer rundt Jennifer Lopez og Bradley Cooper etter at de to ble sett sammen i New York i helgen.

On another part of town…Jlo’s ex husband Marc Anthony was rumored to be seen flirting with Jada Smith…. but I don’t have much faith in that rumor being so true…. The rumor was a crazy story that Will Smith walked in on the two, when they were being very intimate…  But IIII don’t know… if you like Will, you don’t fall for a guy like Marc do you…?


Gwyneth Paltrow - Transformation - Beauty - Celebrity Before and AfterGwyneth Paltrow…

I just hade to show you this pic…

It seriously looks like the eyebrows have taken over her face!!  They are growing their way down her nose…  (!)

Chinese face reading says:

A person with thick and dark eyebrows is very active and friendly. They like to have parties and treat their friends. However, when they are 31 to 34 years of age, they will encounter disruptions or hardships. If they work hard, their hardship will turn into essential training for later events in their life.


Ali Lohan (17) looks broken!

She has apparently just signed a contract with modelling agency “Next” and they have released a statement that she has not had any plastic surgery…and…yeah..she’s 17!!!  But look how she appears now… pretty weird looking!! I think she looks seriously anorectic…


Did a pageant mom once again cross the line with her daughter’s risqué

In a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of Toddlers & Tiaras
obtained by RadarOnline.com little 3-year-old Paisley dresses like
Julia Roberts from her hit movie Pretty Woman – where she played a
hooker!!!    OMG…

See link to video :   http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2011/09/toddlers-tiara-pretty-woman-prostitute-paisley-video-clip-tlc

— and..have you seen those angry, troubled little kids…?  I think, in watching about 8 episodes, featuring about 5 kids each time…I’ve seen only 1 kid, that looked like she was enjoying the pageants…   The moms must have some kind of a doll-complex…  maybe the didn’t play enough with dolls before getting kids..?  Barbies I tell you…go play with Barbies instead, and let kids be kids…!

JJ on again… pewwwu!!!!

Gossip from People.com :

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were in Steamboat Springs, Colo., for her friend’s wedding, and the apparently on-again duo enjoyed the weekend together. They hit up the Tugboat Grill & Pub, a local bar on a mountain, and even rode a gondola up to brunch. Says an onlooker: “There was plenty of P.D.A., and they seemed happy.”

I hate hate hate!!!  Justin! Please step away from that girl!

will never wear that sweater again!

Alyson Hannigan was rumored to be pregnant again… but now she speaks back!  Telling us she has only been eating a lot lately…

🙂    It’s autumn!!!!  enjoy girl!!

She says  “I’ll never wear that sweater again!!”  haha


BABYMAGE?: Etter at skuespilleren viste seg forrige uke, begynte babyryktene å svirre.


Elin Nordegren has found herself a new boyfriend, and wants to get married again!

Jamie dingman..

Nordegren is not Dingman’s first high-profile knockout. The son of billionare Michael Dingman has also dated Tom Brady’s babygirl Bridget Moynahan and was rumored to have hooked up with Princess Madeleine of Sweden.

But pals say that Dingman may have found true love with Woods’ ex.

“He’s never been so happy. He and Elin have strong feelings for each other,” a friend told the New York Post

So we cross our fingers for you Elin  😉

News from celebcity

Britney Spears credited her father, Jamie Spears, with saving her life….,

Jamie became Britney’s conservator almost three years ago, after a series of
very public meltdowns by his troubled daughter, who has since turned her life
around and is back on track and back on top.

“Britney now recognizes that if her father hadn’t stepped in and taken the
action that he had, well…. Britney is now crediting Jamie for saving her
life,” an insider tells the media this week….

Naawww… no more trouble for Brit? No more brit-pic of the week?


Jessica Biel    —  GO AWAY!! 

OMG… looks like she has spun her web thight around Justin again….  And, now…probably…they will get pregnant, and we will have two more single parents in our world…


Beyonce and Jay Z — Pregnant!!  Jeeejjj!!!  I predict it’s going to be a boy, and his name will be Brother…


Hahahahaha…. grandma nightmare!

“Getting ready to go fishing with hubby!”  Down at the river…  with wrinkles!!!!!!  Lots and lots, and also a terrible fashion mistake of a pair of glasses!  What the h….!?

Demi & Ashton…    Looking like their filming a female version of Borat!

ASHTON & DEMI photo | Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore

Getting grey….

Eric Johnson!!!  Jessica Simpson’s beau….  getting grey around the edges…

GOING GREEK   photo | Eric Johnson, Jessica Simpson

Johnson, 31, officially separated from Keri, his wife of five years, in  February 2010 . He began his high-profile relationship with the 30-year-old reality TV  star, singer and fashion designer in May(our Jessica S).

Johnson’s estranged wife accused her ex of dating Simpson before the married  pair separated and warned the blonde Texan that Johnson was exploiting her to  get press for himself.

“Eric is plain out of money,” she told InTouch weekly in August 2010. “He lived  with me until October of last year, but now I think he’s living in her  (Simpson’s) house.”

His former wife also said the retired athlete and Yale graduate has been  short of professional success after leaving the NFL in 2008.

“He was going to grad school because he didn’t know what else to do and then  he just dropped out,” she told the U.S. gossip magazine.

Sooo..  A he’s a drop-out… and rumors says he’s also smoking p.o.t.

Hmm…  Jessica….  maybe you should just save what’s left of your IQ, and leave…?


Since last…
Kim Kardashian got married!!  Congrats to
her, and the green giant! I took a look at her wedding gown + hair/head décor…
and to have a necklace around your forehead is not that pretty…  😛
However, I guess she wanted to have a look according to her Armenian roots
or something…?!



And I just
saw the movie “no strings attached” and… OMG..
Natalie Portman looks sick! So skinny she is!! Her hair, skin and eyes

all have faded away, and she looks a bit grotesc if you ask me… Anorectic!
Probably will not be in a very good health the rest of her life….

Yeah… told you!

http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20521185,00.htmlSandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds: Their 'Relaxed' Dinner in Wyoming | Ryan Reynolds, Sandra Bullock

hihihi….  I told you guys!!!!!

Maybe they wil noooow se that they are made for each other…?????

yes yes yes!!  ❤  love is in the air…everywhere I look around!



Age smage!!!!!!!!


back on!

Kat von D, and Jesse J…   spent this last weekend together it seems…  ha! Love huuuurts like a tatooooo…   And it’s obviously too hard to rip of the bandage… and leave it to be!   What do we really think….  that these two belong together, or not`? I think Kat is in luuuuve, but Jesse thinks she’s a bit to childish!  We now have the solution ladies and gentlemen!!!!   PSSST! Jesse!    make the girl pregnant!  Then you have the rocker-girl…however a tiny bit more grown up!  😉  I wish them the best…  and no-one else wants you… so stay together guys….   !

Jesse James and Kat Von D were spotted holding hands and hanging out together this past weekend.






A hair no-no for SJ Parker

Even celebs have baaad hairdays… or bad hairdressers….

OR…? is this a new trend…? Let’s recap in 2025…..   As until now I have not seen anything worselooking! Cause that’s a word I’m going to use for this situation! “Up in Hair!”  haha

I love Sarah Jessica P… but maybe it’s all over soon… she’s getting old! AND… she claims the rumors about a new season of Sex in the City are not true, Yeah!!! ???    let’s hope not…because they’re soon all ready to be in an old-folks home…

So my darlings… get ready for it…  today’s best hairstyleeeeeeeee…..NOOOT!

Doesn’t look that happy either….

*what the hell did I think,  that a dog-groomer could do a good job?  …I must start practicing sober-fridays…*


This old aunt will be in a new flick this autumn together with Christina Hendricks og  Pierce Brosnan…

The movie is called:    «I Don’t Know How She Does It»

sTORIbook weddings….

I just saw some episodes, and simply love this tv’series….   Tori and Dean are so cute together, and seem to work out their relationship, using Tori’s fame to make the most of what they have…  They are down to earth, and appreciate the life of semi’normal people… 🙂 –Like us other mortal ones…  🙂

Autumn inspiration

We’re going into autumn…. and as we’re doing it… I can feel my creative soul calling from the back of my head…  Calling out to
once again try to make something nice and cozy to decorate the house with, or
to maybe give away as a present…    Maybe
start to make christmas gifts already..!?
handmade… that’s nice… at least to mom’s, aunt’s and grandparents  J

If you have
friends who are a mom, or a dad, she/he is probably also happy to get some
handmade decorations for the childrensroom…So… start making some new pillow covers of old curtains…   paint the old candle-cage…

Make your
partner/husband use his tools, and make you big wooden-letters for decoration….  Buy some new coffee-mugs and display them on
your kitchen-counter…    Or simply just
browse trough your nearest shabby-cihc store to get some tips on what you can
do with things you already have in the garage, or attic

—- and enjoy this dark+windy time of the year inside your home..

So… back again :-)

I was today wondering if I should start a new blog…   An Interior blog… hmm..   But there are so many out there… and maybe I should just try to make this blog work first;)

This blog is exactly what suits me…   a little design/interior, much gossip, cakes and more  ❤

I was googeling the net today for gossip, and saw that jassica alba got a new little girl this weekend… “Haven” is her name…  Honor’s little sis.. 🙂


Bedroom Wall Sticker

bedroom wall decoration

We all know that a cool wall stickercan change the whole look of a room, and a great example is the beautiful bedroomwall sticker.

bedroom wall decoration


latest gossip…

Donal Trump will run for President??!!

Jessica Simpson’s Fiancé Photographed Taking ‘Funny’ Cigarette From Friend…!? puff the magic Johnson…  🙂

Pippa Middleton was last seen in Spain…she’s on vacation!

William & Kate’s honeymoon costs about 72 000 dollar pr.night….

today’s fun fact

Mariah Carey and her husband have named their kids after Marilyn Monroe, and a penthouse apartment…

Monroe –>  the girl twin

Moroccan Scott  –> The boy twin (named after Mariah’s penthouse interior………….! )

More Cake inspiration!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

latest news for you darlings :-)

It’s over for Jennifer Love Hewitt and her beau Alex Beh.  Her friends has told the press that she’s doing fiiiine….

Jesse James has sole custody of his daughter Sunny, whose mother  was in prison for tax evasion during some of the years James and Bullock were married. James revealed that Sunny has seen Bullock only a few times since the split, “There’s been no contact at all for several months,” he said.

‘Desperate Housewives’ star Ricardo Chavira was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI).

Kendra Wilkinson was eliminated from Dancing With the Stars….



Jesse James creating a new life

 “I always felt out of place my whole life,” says James

It’s been just over a year since an affair cost him his marriage to Sandra Bullock and fallout from the scandal upended his world. “Everything got ripped to shreds,” Jesse James tells in a candid interview, speaking from his home outside of Austin, Texas. “I was at my breaking point.”

A 30-day stint at Sierra Tucson treatment center in Arizona not only helped James, 42, cope at the height of the crisis but, as he writes in a new memoir, American Outlaw, it also shed light on his abusive childhood and turbulent life marked by anger and shame. 

He’s now telling the people, that he’s ready for a new start…

One topic too painful to include in the memoir? Louis, the adopted son James and Bullock had been raising together in secret before the scandal broke. “Talking about Louis almost felt too intimate,” says James. “He is so sweet and I miss him.”

Bradley and Jennifer

Rumors has it….

That Bradley and Jennifer have reconnected…….

“Jen always had a soft spot for Bradley, and she thinks he is very attractive and charming,” the source says. “Jen appreciates that Bradley is low-key, loves dogs and is focused on his movie career.”

IS IT FINALLY JEN’s turn to get a little loooooove?

Aniston + Cooper  

Crazy mama Zeta!

Catherine Zeta …    the 41-year-old actress checked into a mental health care center!!!

for treatment of a bipolar disorder!!??

“Catherine had a hard time coping Douglas’ cancer… “She was chain smoking and drinking,” a source close to Zeta-Jones told the National Enquirer. “It was tearing Catherine apart to see such a vital man as Michael in such a weakened state… I think she was crumbling.”

On Wednesday 07.04.2011 she checked into Silver Hill Hospital in Connecticut, at $1,250 per day. She has since checked herself out.  http://www.silverhillhospital.org/

“After dealing with the stress of the past year, Catherine made the decision to check in to a mental health facility for a brief stay to treat her Bipolar II Disorder,” a rep for Zeta-Jones said in a statement. “She’s feeling great and looking forward to starting work this week on her two upcoming films.”

“Catherine was friendly to everyone and seemed very down to earth,” the source said.

“She at all of her meals in the dining room with the others – and even played poker with them at night before bed.

“Catherine is taking control of her life and getting better.”

OMG!   Crazy lady coming!  Bipolar disorder….   That’s kind of serious…..

Holly will not attend…

Hugh Hefner’s wedding guests has mostly been set on the list, but there’s an ex that will not attend this wedding.

“I think Holly has expressed publicly that it would be a little strange if she was there and I respect that,” the Playboy founder told at his 85th birthday party at Las Vegas’s Palms Casino Resort.

As portrayed on E!’s Girls Next Door, Madison hoped to marry Hefner but eventually moved on and relocated to Las Vegas. Hefner, meanwhile, moved on to 24-year-old Crystal Harris, whom he will wed on June 18. The feud between Madison and Harris has been well documented.

Baby nr.3 for Tori & Dean

Tori Spelling wanted to tell husband Dean McDermott that she was pregnant in a special way – and as fate would have it, the timing worked out just right.

“I found out on Valentine’s Day,” Spelling, 37. “It was perfect timing.”

How did she deliver the news? “I wrapped up the pregnancy test in a box and bow and gave it to Dean as his Valentine’s Day gift,” she says. “He was beyond surprised. Best gift ever!”

As for how she’s physically feeling this time around, Spelling – who is already mom to son Liam, 4, and daughter Stella, 2 – says she’s been “much sicker this pregnancy” than during her past two.

Oh, let the draaama continue…


It’s time for garden inspiration once again….roof garden

And what is better than a huge bench to gather around, enjoying friends and good food?  For a lot of us, summer can be a short season. This is why a lot of people are finding more ways to enjoy the outdoors and the space they have. Many people are even extending their living area to the outdoors by creating an outdoor space that is similar to their own living room….     This is something everyone can realte to I think…  🙂

Once you have your designated area, set, you can now decide on how you wish to decorate it. You may want to start with some comfortable furniture that will work outdoors. Notice how the sun shines on this area throughout the day and evening. Too much sun?  Consider how you can build your own shade…

You’re aware of the health benefits of eating fresh vegetables, you have the space for a small garden, but just don’t know where to start? Look no further. Here’s all you need to know to put fresh, crisp vegetables on your dinner table. http://www.gardenguides.com/599-starting-first-vegetable-garden.html

If you don’t have a lot of space for gardening, mix things together and maximize what space you do have. Why not use red cabbage for an edging, marigolds to keep out pests, and then have some herbs as your main “food crop”? You can also try container gardening if you lack acreage.
My favourite would be the Asian garden…nothing makes you more calm….. 

It was never public… but now it’s a break up…

Renee Zellweger + Bradley Cooper called it quits….  they met in 2009, during the filming of their flick  “Case 39″…  the same year they became girlfriend+boyfriend, and were very private about the whole thing…

Now, Renee has moved out of their home… reportedly with a big smile on her face….  hmmmm 

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor….

Taylor Momsen recently had a concert in Paris….    where she pulled up a fan(a girl) on stage…and started undressing her…   at the end, the girl was standing only in her bra…

Once there was this girl who
Wouldn’t go and change with the girls in the change room
And when they finally made her
They saw birthmarks all over her body
She couldn’t quite explain it
They’d always just been there

Marion and Tabitha

Sarah Jessica Parker: Birthday Stroll with the Twins!

Marion & Tabitha is getting to be two young ladies….

The reported surrogate mother of these twins is named Michelle Ross and she is 26 years old.
Michelle Ross refers to herself as bisexual. She even has a tattoo on her wrist in form of an overlapped pink and blue triangle that proclaims her sex orientation. She, moreover, identifies herself on her MySpace page as “bi”. Of that matter, her ex-husband Joseph Erker says, “She told me that’s what it stands for.”

Her ex’s also complaints about Michelle taking her time to be a surrogate, but almost never sees her own son. (their son)

In the historic aspect :  having another woman bear a child for a couple to raise, usually with the male half of the couple as the genetic father, is referred to in antiquity. Babylonian law and custom allowed this practice and infertile woman could use the practice to avoid the divorce which would likely otherwise be inevitable.

In the United States, the issue of surrogacy was widely publicized in the case of Baby M, in which the surrogate and biological mother of Melissa Stern (“Baby M”), born in 1986, refused to cede custody of Melissa to the couple with whom she had made the surrogacy agreement. The courts of New Jersey found that Mary Beth Whitehead was the child’s legal mother and declared contracts for surrogate motherhood illegal and invalid. However, the court found it in the best interests of the infant to award custody of Melissa to her biological father William Stern and his wife Elizabeth Stern, rather than to the surrogate mother Mary Beth Whitehead.

Plans for Easter….

Sandra Bullock  —   Staying at home, trying not to text Ryan Reynolds too many sexy messages…

Ryan Reynolds  —  Partying hard, because he’s soon to be asking Sandra to marry him….

Lindsay Lohan  — Want’s to be Paris Hiltons next BFF…. will try to get into the same parties as her the whole holiday..

Paris Hilton  —  Will break up with current boyfriend and marry Charlie Sheen on a beach in Hawaii…

Charlie Sheen — Will wake up in Hawaii of a heart-attack and die “young”

Ben Afflek — Will be unfaithfull….he’s new interest: Jennifer Aniston….  Bennifer all over again…

Jennifer Aniston — Will leave Ben, when ben says he thinks Angelina is sexy…

Angelina Jolie Pitt —  Will announce that she is pregnant….

Brad Pitt — Will leave Angelina and the 100 kids… he’s new interest: Charlie’s ex-wife Denise Richards

Denise Richards — Will cry in Charlies funeral, and after that… have sex with new boyfriend-lover Brad Pitt…

Did you hear this??

Sandra Bullock donated 1 million dollar to Japan relief !!!!

Billy Ray Cyrus wants to get back together with his cheating wife….!

Joe Jonas (from the Jonas brothers..) is out and smiling, even though he just split with his girlfriend Ashley Greene… 

Jon Cryer (the troll brother in Two and a half men) admitting… “I actually am a troll”

Pink is not happy about her new haircut!

Britney Spears thinks all of her songs are f… amazing!

Rihanna tells she is not dating Colin Farell..

Fix terrible haircut…



Jessica Biel out again!

Dressed in jeans, a leather jacket and 1 long feathery earring, Biel, 29, smiled for photographers outside Hollywood’s sleek new all-night diner, where she celebrated a birthday of her younger brother, Justin. Apparently she is OK with the break up between her and Justin….   Let’s hope she grows on this, and becomes more secure of herself…


The rumors are now everywhere that Justin + Jessica is OVER!   Jeeej!!!   (Timberlake + Biel)

finally Justin has escaped! 🙂

My guess is that he has just stayed with her this long because she is a neurotic wreck, that you need to handle with care…    she is the most jealous, psychic freak of a woman… no wonder guys move on…  waeaeaeaea….

who is a troll??

Jon Cryer, Charlie’s sidekick, and in many episodes the starring brother in 2 and a half men….is a troll!  At least that’s what Sheen says….      he’s now, 1 day after,  rethinking his negative comments.

“I’ll apologize to Jon right now,” Sheen, 45, said Wednesday morning on K-EARTH 101 radio station. “I was in a mood and I threw that out to somebody. I didn’t know they – well I kinda knew they were gonna print it. Yeah, I knew they were gonna print it. I confuse myself.” ….     I think Charlie Sheen sounds like a troubled troubled person!!!

tender loving mom?

Kate + 8 is returning to channel TLC this spring… 

And what do we think about her…? …I don’t think she cares what we think…

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