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A hair no-no for SJ Parker

Even celebs have baaad hairdays… or bad hairdressers….

OR…? is this a new trend…? Let’s recap in 2025…..   As until now I have not seen anything worselooking! Cause that’s a word I’m going to use for this situation! “Up in Hair!”  haha

I love Sarah Jessica P… but maybe it’s all over soon… she’s getting old! AND… she claims the rumors about a new season of Sex in the City are not true, Yeah!!! ???    let’s hope not…because they’re soon all ready to be in an old-folks home…

So my darlings… get ready for it…  today’s best hairstyleeeeeeeee…..NOOOT!

Doesn’t look that happy either….

*what the hell did I think,  that a dog-groomer could do a good job?  …I must start practicing sober-fridays…*


This old aunt will be in a new flick this autumn together with Christina Hendricks og  Pierce Brosnan…

The movie is called:    «I Don’t Know How She Does It»


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