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Plans for Easter….

Sandra Bullock  —   Staying at home, trying not to text Ryan Reynolds too many sexy messages…

Ryan Reynolds  —  Partying hard, because he’s soon to be asking Sandra to marry him….

Lindsay Lohan  — Want’s to be Paris Hiltons next BFF…. will try to get into the same parties as her the whole holiday..

Paris Hilton  —  Will break up with current boyfriend and marry Charlie Sheen on a beach in Hawaii…

Charlie Sheen — Will wake up in Hawaii of a heart-attack and die “young”

Ben Afflek — Will be unfaithfull….he’s new interest: Jennifer Aniston….  Bennifer all over again…

Jennifer Aniston — Will leave Ben, when ben says he thinks Angelina is sexy…

Angelina Jolie Pitt —  Will announce that she is pregnant….

Brad Pitt — Will leave Angelina and the 100 kids… he’s new interest: Charlie’s ex-wife Denise Richards

Denise Richards — Will cry in Charlies funeral, and after that… have sex with new boyfriend-lover Brad Pitt…


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