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Hangover part 2

Oh, what a surprise……    Charlie Sheen will not appear in The Hangover Part II…  

Not a surprise, but very sad….. he would be perfect for the role 

 Drunk Animation _ dinamobomb

Bradley Cooper is saaaaad about it, but he also states tha facts of life…..:
“Unless they have a time machine and we can go back to Bangkok, my understanding is that we have already filmed the movie,” Cooper, 36, said….
The movie director Todd Philips tried first to land Mel Gibson for a role in the flick…. but it did not work out….   Probably Mel was busy  😉    Todd then got Bill Clinton to film a scene!!!  

Bradley Cooper also told that Sheen was never “on the radar” in regards to casting…. 

Cooper also put another rumor to rest, saying he’s not engaged to Renée Zellweger – despite that new gold ring on his right hand.  “It was my father’s ring,” said Cooper, whose dad, Charles Cooper, died in January after a long illness. “It’s a little piece of him.”


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