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'DANCING' QUEEN photo | Kendra Wilkinson


Looking like her old self, Kendra Wilkinson Basket.

She’s going to star in Dancing with the Stars this season!!!   Getting a rock hard body again then…..  🙂 

 says: “I’m Bringing Baby Hank to Dancing”


      DRINK UP! photo | Katie HolmesFunny face Suri w/accesorie: mum    😉


still in love it seems….  ❤  Her tips for us girls to keep our GAME FACES photo | Beyonce Knowles, Jay-Zman….”Never be predictable,” she says. “Mix it up. Surprise him. Change your hair. Be the woman he knows with a little bit of a twist.”



Gossip Girl‘s Ed Westwick complements a classic tux with a colorful umbrella, red wellies and a mysterious bandage while filming the hit TV show in New York on Monday. RAINBOW CONNECTION photo | Ed Westwick

Intoxicated Christina Aguilera Jailed for Her Safety | Christina Aguilera, Matt Rutler

Christina Aguilera was arrested for public intoxication early Tuesday morning and jailed for her own safety until she recovered. Her boyfriend was also arrested for investigation of DUI. hmmm…not a good influence on one another…. 



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