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To be wed soon….

Hugh Hefner has revealed details of his upcoming nuptials with Crystal Harris – the pair is set to wed on June 18. The Playboy icon is preparing to marry for the third time after proposing to his 24-year-old girlfriend on last year’s Christmas Day.

And now the 84 year old has unveiled his plans for the big day, revealing he will exchange vows with Harris in a romantic ceremony at his mansion. After Harris announced the date to CNN host Piers Morgan, Hefner added, “My brother will be my best man and the groomsmen will be my two young sons, Marston and Cooper… it will be at the mansion… in front of the waterfall.”

His 19-year-old son Cooper has come to the defense of his dad and his young bride-to-be. “Age is truly just a number and all I want is for my dad to be happy,” Cooper tweeted. “I couldn’t be more thrilled that he has found such a nice women.”


He quickly clarified, “I didn’t mean to put ‘women’ in my previous tweet. I meant ‘woman.’ Sorry.”


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