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still filming cougar town :-)

BEACHY KEEN photo | Courteney Cox

We’ve never wanted anything but success for Courteney Cox; we were just skeeved out by the idea of a show based around predatory MILFs. Now that Courteney Cox regrets Cougar Town‘s title, we can move past our visions of leopard print and dating the poolboy. “At first I think a lot of viewers were turned off by the title. It’s the worst title in the history of all television and a lot of people didn’t want to watch me with younger guys every week,” Cox explained, even going so far as to push for an unsuccessful name change last year. See! That’s all we needed to hear. Now the healing can begin.

Cox’s show always centered more on Friends-style ensemble comedy vibe rather than one middle-aged lady bone factory. The cast and crew are so over the show title, they even joked about it in last week’s Cougar Town episode. “That’s now who I am anymore. What do I have to do, change my name?” Cox’s character Jules Cobb complains to her dyed-in-the-wool cougar companion. “That’s not what the show is about anymore. It’s more about me and my unique family and friends. We’ve really changed the concept, but it’s too late to get out of the title now,” Courteney sighs. Cougars everywhere, drink deep of your appletinis tonight. Someone will represent you someday. Just not today.


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