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Tori… a word please??

Tori, DARLING…   can you please listen to me?   You cannot dress like this…..!!!!  When I saw this picture, I thougth you were starring in a low-budget Movie about some poor girl in Texas, wearing dresses from her great aunts closet!!!!!

OMG!!!   you cannot be this clueless!!  I’ve been watching your show….and you don’t seem to care there either…   I knooow!  We girls are allowed to let it all “hang out” sometimes… **  and here I do not mean that you are fat! This is only about your hiddious clothes, glasses, and hairdo’s girrrl  *** but woman!!!   Sharpen those claws!  Be fresh and beautifull… not tired and careless!!! 

Ï mean this in the best way….   please clean up your act, and use those dollars to hire a stylist once in a while would you…??  AND! If you allready have a stylist…   switch stylists!!!!!!!

Love you… but….   you know..  (and I know you know…)

TA DAAAAAA!!!!!   (look below if you dare…..)

WHAT'S IN STORE? photo | Tori Spelling

 Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott (not pictured) celebrate the opening of their new gift shop, aptly named InvenTORI, in Sherman Oaks, Calif., on Monday.


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