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Lindsay Lohan

Los Angeles police were contacted immediately after a Venice jewelry store suspected Lindsay Lohan had stolen a $2,500 necklace from their establishment, but waited to issue a search warrant until they’d seen the troubled Hollywood starlet actually wearing it.

According to a law enforcement source, “the [jewelry store] staff noticed that the necklace was missing soon after Lindsay left the store. The LAPD was notified that day and a police report was filed.”

Our source said the report was filed well before pictures of Lindsay wearing the necklace surfaced, which made for further evidence, as well as an investigative tool for police.

“It’s almost as if Lindsay wants to get caught,” our source said. “She is photographed everywhere she goes. Past allegations of Lindsay being accused of stealing are being looked at also, even though she has never been charged before for allegedly stealing.

Spencer Pratt

Spencer Pratt always surprises — and his latest move is no exception.

“I want to be an FBI agent, or work in homeland security or intelligence,” Pratt told in an exclusive new interview.

Holly Madison

Still being the working girl….

The 31-year-old Oregon beauty sipped on Svedka vodka poured by a bare-chested beefcake bartender, while enjoying the sunny day in the desert.


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