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Charlie’s bad ways…

Charlie Sheen has been to Vegas!!

he spent the past weekend partying hard in Las Vegas with a bevy of

porn stars.

soon he will look like this...?


And according to a well placed source that had the pleasure to witness Charlie in action, he really made the most of all the adult-friendly amenities that the suite and the hotel had to offer.

“It was vintage Charlie all weekend,” the source says. “When he was married to Denise, and then to Brooke, he really did try his hardest to curb his natural wild instincts, but now it’s all gloves off.

“The suite was the perfect party place for Charlie. He had a revolving door of gorgeous women, porn stars and Vegas elite coming and going throughout his stay, total party central.

“Charlie has a way with women, for sure, and within minutes of arriving the girls were stripped off and in the Jacuzzi. There was a constant flow of alcohol arriving from room service and basically, the party didn’t stop… 24/7.

“Charlie hardly left his room, he was basically holed up the entire time, with the exception of a couple of forays down to the hotel bar.

The 23-year-old porn star who has stolen Charlie Sheen’s heart is already planning to sell him out…..Bree Olson, a porn actress who also made a one-time appearance on Keeping Up With the Kardashians…..


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