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Inspiration for a party :-)

Dinner parties!

I have a great idea for dinnerparties 🙂

Gather a group of 4-5 friends…  me myself have arranged this kind of party with my live-in boyfriend + another couple + 1 more single friend of ours.  We called the dinnerparties “5-star dinner”.

This means we each agreed on 5 different dates as we went along…  where each party was held by one of us, where this person was in charge of invites, 3 course dinner + entertainment(optional)  after each dinner we would make a small secret videotape of each of us giving the particular night a score between 1-6…  🙂  at the last dinnerparty, we had a blast watching these videos!!!   🙂

These parties were a lot of fun, and since it was under some controlled actions, they did not get too crazy….  we all had time to chat, laugh and enjoy gooood food!   Even the guys, which were not so experienced making food really showed what they were made of! makeing perfect 3-course meals!!!  


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