Take 1 break during work….. get the latest gossip+tips+inspiration

Lamar & Khloè—future drunks…. :-P

“People would be surprised about how we’re big time homebodies,” he says. “[We like to] just stay home, relax with a movie. Khloé loves champagne – and laughing.”    



What can be confusing about alcohol is that some grown-ups seem to be able to enjoy it occasionally with no problems. Other people, though, can develop a problem with it. Sometimes, that’s called alcoholism  or being an alcoholic. Someone who has alcoholism craves alcohol. The person has little control over his or her drinking and can’t stop without help. A person who starts drinking alcohol at a young age is more likely to develop alcoholism. 

Alcoholism is chronic, which means it continues over time. It often gets worse, too, because the person may start experiencing health problems related to drinking. In addition to causing liver problems, long-term drinking can damage the pancreas, heart, and brain. 


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Until then…Go light!!


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