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Jeremy London is in the middle of filming Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew…..

he’s just there for the money and wishes his twin brother, Jason, dead.

“I’m doing it for $$ and clearing my name,” Jeremy texted Thursday night to a family friend of his.

“I didn’t come in addicted to a damn thing,” Jeremy continued. “I’m making $$$ and getting past the PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder] and staying sober through it.”

Jeremy’s friend responds by saying, “Whew…ok. Well I was just really worried about u so I am glad u are ok.  Are u going to see your mom and Jason on the show?”

“HELL NO!! They’re dead to me,” Jeremy responds. “F**k him. I hope he dies.”

Jeremy goes on to tell his friend he’s done with his wife Melissa Cunningham. “And I’m done with Melissa for good! I found out she sold me out…two years ago.”

London has a history of prescription drug abuse and before entering rehab was ordered to undergo random drug testing in connection with a custody issue involving his three-year-old son, Lyrik.


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