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Kim’s new man, Miles Austin

Five Things to Know About Kim Kardashian's New NFL Beau

5 things to know about her new beau…

1. He’s a Mama’s Boy
A track and basketball standout at Garfield High School, Austin never thought about playing football. “I kind of talked him into it,” his mom Ann Austin told the Dallas Morning News in 2009, laughing about when her son was 8 he warily eyed the muddy football field. “He was like, ‘I don’t want to get dirty.’ ”

2. Just Call Him Smiles
Known for flashing his toothy smile, he was grinning even before he turned pro. “He used to get some teachers mad because he was smiling all the time,” his dad, Miles, told the New York Daily News in December 2009. “They thought he was joking or horsing around.” Once asked what advice he would give to youngsters, Austin replied, “Keep working and keep smiling.”

3. An Athletic Family
He’s not the only jock in the house. His dad, now a truck driver, starred in his high school’s basketball and football teams and thought about going pro before suffering a knee injury in college. His mom was named the 1997 high school softball player of the year in Nebraska and is now a P.E. teacher at a school for autistic kids. And his sister was the Big East javelin champ at Rutgers University.

4. Tony Romo Is His Fame Coach
“He gets it,” Cowboys quarterback (and former Jessica Simpson boyfriend) Romo tells The Dallas Morning News. Austin says that watching Romo has taught him how to handle the spotlight. “The only thing I can do is focus on myself and just learn from people,” says Austin.

5. There’s a Reason Why He Wears #19
It’s his late-grandmother’s favorite number. “She was born on the 19th,” his dad told the local New Jersey paper Herald News in February 2010 when Austin sported the number during the Pro Bowl. “His grandmother was one of his biggest fans.”


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