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Ed Westwick and stupid cheating girlfriend….

On again…?

Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick and his on-and-off-again girlfriend Jessica Szohr still seem to be going strong!Ed Westwick & Jessica Szohr Still Together?

The happy twosome were spotted exiting London’s Soho Hotel in Ed’s native England on Thursday afternoon (June 3) before hopping into their waiting car. Both Ed and Jessica were gracious enough to take a few pictures with fans and sign autographs.

Ed, 22, and Jessica, 25, reportedly split last month. Are they or aren’t they?!

Off again…?!

Ed Westwick was seen hanging out with his Gossip Girl co-star (and on-and-off-again co-star) Jessica Szohr but apparently they’re not back together – yet!

The 22-year-old British star told BBC Radio 1 that he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

“Would I like one?” Ed asked. “No, too much of a headache.”

As for spending time in London, Ed added, “It’s been good hanging out and seeing people.”

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