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warm beach…… Patong, Phuket :-)

 Dreaming back to a wonderful warm beach……  Patong, Phuket:)

Next time maybe we will go to Hua Hin, so please people, give some tips back to us regarding what to do/see in Hua…:)  i was afraid Hua Hin was a bit quiet, but as long as there is a good beach-bar around, we will be fine…..:)

I love a nice, clean, but a bit busy beach….  with quiet if you want, but also a good bargain if that’s what’s on your mind…:)

Nightlife must be good…..don’t have to be too busy….but its’ nice when there is a bit of a racle when it’s dark:)  Bar-games is a must!!!

Mostly vacation is for laying lazy on the beach drinking beer and getting a tan….some days can be spent on excursions, however…we went on a trip with several others….
Don’t recommend it that much….
too much people, hassle…. there is a schedule to get to the attractions, bad food, and a long and bumpy boatride….
Next time we will instead hire one of the tailboats…


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