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I’m doing it by myself

Bristol Palin: I’m on My Own Financially

Bristol Palin: I'm on My Own Financially | Bristol PalinThe beautiful daughter of Sarah Palin says that all her mother provides to her daughter “being a young mom” situation is moral support….   she says that all bills/ diapers ++ are up to herself to cover for….

I’m doing it by myself,” Bristol says. “I live by myself, I’m working to provide for my son. It is difficult. Financially, it’s very difficult. I’d say the majority of any paycheck I ever receive is going to Tripp.

What’s a typical day like for her and Tripp? “When I wake up from the few hours of sleep I do get, I’m getting him ready for the babysitter’s house, I’m off to work providing for him, working for him,” she says. “[Then] I’m coming home from work exhausted, I’m bathing him, feeding him dinner, playing with him, trying to get him to bed. It’s just repetitive work constantly.”

So there you have it… normal, like the rest of us deadly people….


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