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Tyra, obsessed with food….?

Here is 4 tweets from the last week……. This girl is food-crazy…..is it all she thinks about??

—SO hungrrry. Tryin to decide what 2 eat 4 lunch! What do you ya’ll think I should have? Has to be HEALTHY!

—had sum chickn 2 n strng beans.but u have 2 try the cauliflower thing. can’t stand raw.but when cooked n mashed all up,ME LUV caulifower #fb

—my tummy is happy rite now.had MashedPotatoes tonite. but they were made from cauliflower.mashed up cauliflower.SoundsGrossButWazGOOD! #fb

—Eating a frozen dinner, waiting for #ANTM to start. What are you having for dinner? #fb


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