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World Wish Day celebration

AMPED UP photo | Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus  performing for children involved with the Make-A-Wish foundation, Wednesday during a World Wish Day celebration at the Grove shopping center in L.A.


At first sight the life of a child star in Hollywood seems to be enviable. But to become such a state at all you need a lot of luck. Expectant parents with their descendants arrive Hollywood by the thousand and all hope for a great career of their children. In fact only five of 100’000! children in Hollywood earn their living through the film. And only a few of them become real stars.  Miley is one of the few which have made it…. probably due to a good supporting family. She recently switched name to Miley… which before only was a nickname given by her father because she smiled so much when she was a baby….:)

Smiley -s = Miley

The foundations of problems of a lot of children are laid in a unstable home. Because of the sudden fame and the financial side effects for many parents this is more than they can handle. Miley’s father is Billy Ray Cyrus… a well known musician from long before Miley was born….:)



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