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Hot Topic! — who is a “sex addict”?

Boy meets girl, dates, cheats, gets caught, huge fight follows, he realizes his terrible mistake, she forgives, and they work on improving the relationship. Tiger meets girl, marries, meets another one, cheats, meets another, cheats, and so forth. There’s a big difference between the two: the former shows really poor judgment and is an isolated case of infidelity, while the latter shows a pattern of even worse judgment and difficulty controlling sexual impulses.

Hollywood are now quick to label every celebrity who cheats a “sex addict”. Far be it for me to diagnose people remotely, but one can surmise there’s a real problem here.

Although sex addiction isn’t formally recognized by the medical establishment, there are troubling behaviors that resemble a compulsion. If you’re a person who is consumed by sexual urges, activities, and fantasies, and your behavior is directed at achieving the goal of sex at all cost, then you have a problem. If this continues despite such adverse consequences as getting in trouble at work for looking at porn, running up credit card debt for hookers, contracting an STD, and even getting caught, literally, by your wife with your pants down, then you definitely have a serious problem.Se bildet i full størrelse


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