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eight days after giving birth….

Wow! Amazing!

Fancy doing a movie red carpet event 8 days after giving birth!!!

Amanda Peet stepped out for a premiere Tuesday night at the Tribeca Film Festival, just eight days after giving birth to daughter Molly June Benioff in New York on April 19th.

Molly is her second daughter with husband David Benioff.

Giving birth to a baby is physically exhausting. Fatigue and the need to rest should be expected even if you are in great shape. It may be four to six weeks after giving birth before you will begin to feel more like yourself.

Although this is an exciting time for you, your family and friends, you are encouraged to limit your visitors and telephone calls so that you have an opportunity to rest and to learn how to care for yourself and your baby.

In the beginning, tasks that you view as simple may leave you exhausted.



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