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He’s sorry…..but frustrated…

Before they looked like the perfect happy couple from UK….Kerry Katona and Brian McFadden, PA

Brian McFadden & Kerry Katona

Kerry later married Mark Croft. They are now divorced…Mark Croft and Kerry Katona, PA

She recently admitted their relationship was based on drugs and that she is nearly broke.

Mark Croft told media that:  “Yes. I’ve spent Kerry’s millions – and I don’t miss a penny of it, or feel any regret about how our marriage failed.”

Brian McFadden has been pretty frustrated about Kerry’s lifestyle after they split. He flew over to the UK last week to go to the Holy Communion of their daughters. However, it has been rumoured that his and Kerry’s reunion and could possibly end up in a fight, after Kerry claimed he was never around for their daughters after he moved to Australia. He let off steam a few days ago on his Twitter page and branded his ex-wife a “pig-faced mole” and said she was “dead” to him. He has since deleted his tweets and apologised for his actions: “I was so infuriated when I read it, it was so typical… So I just lost it and straight on Twitter.”

Kerry and her kids….


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