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A birdhouse -build your own:)

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A birdhouse can be a great asset to your yard. Birdhouses are easy to build, once your birdhouse is built you just have to settle back and enjoy the bird watching. Kaféstil=

When building a birdhouse, there are some things to keep in mind. The birdhouse should be made so the birdhouse has drainage slots or holes. This will help prevent the nesting from getting drowned during a storm.

There should be slots put near the roof for heat to escape in the summer, to keep the birds cool.

Make sure untreated wood is used when making the birdhouse, chemicals can be toxic for birds if they gnaw on it, and fumes can accumulate in the birdhouse during the summer. Make sure wood is fairly thick because wood will act as an insulator to extreme temperature’s in the winter and summer. The inside of the birdhouse shouldn’t be painted. If the birdhouse is going to be painted outside, it should be a color used that blends in with the surroundings because using brightly colored paint will attract preditors to the birdhouse. Skogshytte=

The birdhouse should be the proper size because if the birdhouse is made too large, only large birds will have a place which would then leave the small birds with no place to stay.


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