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Botox…… should we?

When we get older, it get’s more and more interesting to check prices + possibilities for correcting our small imperfections…

Is this now all round accepted by all modern people?!  As long as we don’t go overboard…

My thoughts on this is that, yes…. if you are willing to take the risk, and don’t take it to a very high level of change, correcting or improving our looks is acceptable, and can improve life quality and insert more happiness in our mind…:)

things you should keep in mind…:

Scarring– it is one of the most common risk one should be aware of. It is closely related to suture reactions and wound healing capability. During the process of healing, a thickening of skin edge and formation of granular tissue can occur. Most surgeons like to hide the scarring in places where they are not noticeable. For example in tummy tuck operations it is beneath the swing wear line while in breast augmentation the incision lines are hide under the crease of breast.

Necrosis – It is a death of tissues due to insufficient supply of oxygen to the operated area. The risk is very rare in normal cosmetic surgeries but in plastic surgeries involving face lifts, breast reductions, tummy tucks, there is a possibility of Necrosis. It increases with sudden inflammation. Smokers are very prone to this possibility as blood vessel constriction and relatively less oxygen supply. It is generally treated in early stages by hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Nerve Damage – In very rare, extreme cases nerve damage can occur characterized by numbness and tingling sensation. Generally the nerve damage can last not more than 1 year. Weakness or paralysis of certain muscles may be experienced if a nerve related to muscle movement is impaired. It can be treated with reconstructive surgery.

Adverse Reactions to Anesthesia – risks due to use of anesthesia are very rare but nevertheless its hazards if occur are still there. The risks depend on the factors like healthiness and seriousness of surgery. Nausea is a common feature. Sore throat is also commonly experienced risk. The total risk factor of this type is generally very rare.


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