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Jennifer Lopez !

Jennifer Lopez has always been pretty, but it seems the 40-year-old singer/actress has become more beautiful since settling down and giving birth to her adorable twins, Max and Emme, 2. Perhaps it’s the inner glow that comes along with motherhood?


“I can’t help but be a different person now that I’ve had kids,” she says in the May issue of Redbook. “That really does change your whole perspective on life for the better. I definitely feel like I’ve grown up. So, I guess in a way parts of me are going to be different, but in general I’m still the same girl from the Bronx who had big dreams.”

Of course, she couldn’t have become a mom without the help of her doting husband of nearly 6 years, Marc Anthony.

Fortunately, having a family hasn’t hindered J.Lo’s career in the slightest. Jen’s first film in three years, “The Back-up Plan,” hits theaters on April 23; she’s got a guest-starring role on “Glee,” followed by the release of a new CD, Love? this summer. Of course, there is a downside: when she’s working, that means she has less time to spend with her children.


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