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life away from hollywood

Tori Spelling and hubby Dean McDermott escaped L.A. for a family getaway at The US Grant, a hotel in downtown San Diego, with their kids, Stella and Liam. The foursome dined at the Grant Grill, and the adults ordered mock turtle soup, poached egg salad, Kingfish and the sea bass. And for the kids? Organic granola bars and cheddar goldfish.

Oxygen Media is gearing up for the fifth-season of Tori Spelling’s reality series. The cable network channel will run a marathon of episodes from the past seasons on March 28. The show will be accompanied by on-air tweets from both Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott.

Oxygen will repeat its all-day marathon with seasons three and four installments, leading into the fifth-season premiere. In the upcoming season, the series will take a closer look into Tori and Dean’s family life and relationship, which will include a first-ever Spelling-McDermott cross-country family road trip. In the premiere episode, Tori and Dean feel a little disconnected — to remedy the situation they decide to take Liam, Stella, the Guncles and dogs on a cross-country RV trip to visit their dear friend Patsy.


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