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Again….about Jennifer….

Bradley Cooper picked Renèe over Jennifer….

This is why there must be something extremely wrong and not flatering about Miss Aniston….   

Jen feels burned. She doesn’t see what Renee has that she doesn’t.

WORKING OUT photo | Bradley Cooper, Renee Zellweger

I could be wrong though…..:

Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper went on a familiar-named date in NYC in the midle of 2009…. The duo was spotted ducking out of a restaurant together and into an awaiting SUV after dinner. Earlier this year there were rumors of flirtation between the two, which Bradley laughed off saying if only he could be so lucky….

But is she to clingy??    ANSWER: Yes!

It has been debated time and time again as the status of Bradley’s sexuality. In my mind, it could go either way. He beeps on my gaydar, but I’ve been wrong before. Sometimes straight guys are just artsy and femme, but they totally love the ladies. Is Bradley one of those artsy and femme straight guys? Or is he a closeted gay man looking for the perfect beard? Also in question – is this a public relations hook-up? Both Bradley and Aniston belong to CAA, an agency that has a history of stage-managing their clients’ private lives. But Renee dropped CAA in June, and moved to the William Morris Agency. So, I doubt CAA wants their newest hot actor to be dating someone “outside” of the agency, they would probably prefer him with Aniston. If Bradley was just looking for a beard, or a convenient p.r. relationship, he would have stuck with Aniston. Since he didn’t, my guess is that he and Renee might really like each other.


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