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Kids spend more and more time in front of the TV….

You are aware of the advantages of physical exercises in your kid’s life. Also you know how to allocate time to gain these benefits. But what can you do  to help them live fit?

Encourage your child to play along with studies. Computer games and television watching have to be cut short. Researches have found that more young children are becoming inactive and inert due to TV watching.

  • Allow your children in different outdoor games. Also admit them to swimming classes, general gymnasium or aerobics , if available. Otherwise help them devise some regular exercise routines including skipping, running or other activities. This will help your child even remain mentally fit because the little one will find friends over here and take more interest in these activities.
  • Children always follow role models, particularly their parents. So why don’t you make out some time to play with your kid? You can also fix up a particular schedule of exercising along with your child. This will boost their spirit and build a natural instinct to remain fit from the young age itself.
“The beauty of life rests a lot in your physical well being along with other aspects. If you stay fit, fine and healthy, you will surely enjoy the life to its best.”



Taste changes with age, so try “new” foods regularly. New foods bring more variety, which brings more essential nutrients to your diet. Encourage yourself to try “new” activities. New tasks bring new skills which can help you “feel good” about yourself.
Try new foods
    Taste tests – encourage new foods with self-serve eating
    Create in the kitchen – learn to cook new foods and recipes
Try new activities
    Explore new places – parks, trail walks and local sports facilities
    Seek new skills – look out for new sports and activities to try. Start with something you might like to do and build from there



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